Best Light Therapy Lamps 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Miroco2. Circadian Optics3. Miroco
Miroco LED Best Light Therapy LampCircadian Optics LumosMiroco

Light Therapy is one among the types of physiotherapy, given exclusively with guidelines from doctors. This therapy is majorly meant for treating Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD) that occurs in patterns with different seasons.

It is often recommended taking advice from your physician before considering for lighting therapy. This kind of depression disorder usually shows a certain seasonal pattern in occurrence. Mostly, light therapy occurs during winter, and other seasons where there is prolonged lack of exposure to the sunlight.

Ideally, the best light therapy lamp will emit light at a certain level of brightness from a special lamp that can reduce the stress levels. Studies suggest that light therapy lamps mimic the light emitted from the sun, to use it when someone is stuck at one place with lesser exposure to natural light.

There are also fixed time limits to get the most of the light therapy, which may ease the symptoms of SAD. Not only, SAD it will also make your work from home environment comfortable.

This guide is created for those who want to buy light therapy lamps but are overwhelmed by seeing hundreds of alternatives. By the end of this guide you will have your perfect lamp.

Top 20 Best Light Therapy Lamps 2020

1. Miroco LED

Miroco LED Best Light Therapy Lamp

Miroco LED Bright White Therapy Light brings you the ease of personal light therapy for your day-to-day use. This lamp emits white light of 10,000 LUX brightness free from UV light.

It has 6500K color temperature which is equivalent to natural sunlight with adjustable brightness of up to 3 levels. It also comes with a detachable stand, which can be used vertically and horizontally as well.

The lamp is even compatible to carry it easily wherever you travel. Like every other modern smartphone, it can be controlled by an intuitive finger touch control. You can use the lamp while you are working home, while reading, to get a proper sleep or while doing yoga and makes you feel re-energized.

There are settings where you can get started from 10 minutes until 60 minutes until you get an optimized setting for your daily life.


  • Easily navigable finger touch for smooth daily use and adjust the brightness and other settings
  • Adjustable stands helps a flexible positioning of the lamp as per your convenience
  • Natural color lighting of 6500K provides a natural and comfortable experience


  • Noisy lamp — might get uncomfortable for those who expect a calmer environment
  • Brighter light — Lighting feels brighter than needed, may get uncomfortable for those having light sensitivity

2. Circadian Optics Lumos

Circadian Optics Lumos

If you are looking for the best sad light, which you can carry and use it anywhere you want, then Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0 Light Therapy Lamp is the right choice. You can no longer feel this as a therapy, due to its very handy design embedded with efficient LED technology which can give you the needed level of brightness.

A top selling light therapy lamp which featured on Today show and shark tank. Highly flexible lamp which is easy to use and it is customizable to maximize the benefits of your light therapy. The one-touch operation makes way for less complex procedures in setting the 3 brightness levels.

You will get all the recommended 10,000 LUX brightness which is effective enough for you to beat fatigue, jet lag, boost concentration, winter blues and many such.


  • Long Lasting LED with 2 years of warranty, need to replace the bulbs now and then
  • Produces white light of 10,000 LUX which is completely free of harmful UV rays.
  • Simple controls and highly flexible body to suit all kinds of environments


  • Power adapter gets heated within few minutes of plugging in
  • Does not last long on battery and takes time to switch it on back again

3. Miroco


The combination of best design and best light therapy lamp come together with the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp. The sleek and modern design makes the lamp unique for daily usage, as it can be used as a focus item in your house. The lamp emits light of 6500K color temperature along with 10,000 LUX brightness which is free from UV light.

The natural light emitted by this therapy lamp elevates your mood as it mimics the natural sunlight and gives a pleasant experience. The memory functionality comes very handy in toggling through previous brightness settings which are ideal for you. Take it anywhere, kitchen, workplace, laptop, desk easily with its slim and handy design.


  • Portable product – Easy to carry anywhere you want and easy to set up wherever you are
  • Safe from UV light and produces bright natural light close to the natural sunlight
  • Design – modern design gives a positive vibe instead of a therapy item


  • Light shines directly into the eyes, which is not an ideal way for light therapy
  • Light gets dimmed within few times of usage and also flickers at times

4. Verilux VT20

Verilux VT20

Verilux Happy Light, from the brand of 60 years old reliable brand is one of the best light therapy lamps. One of the few light box companies having a live customer support facility who can answer your queries within less time.

With a lens dimension of 41 this light box emits UV-free light of 10,000 lux. You can personalize the happy light with available two lenses which can be interchanged: High-energy lens and also Comfort Optix Glare-control in order to reduce strain and fatigue on eyes and also 2-level brightness control for better comfort.

The lens size helps you to do a wall-mount with your device and take comfortable posture in treatment. It improves your sleep, mood, focus and energy by sending a powerful message to your body to stay rejuvenated and energized every day. It is useful for those who work in office, frequent flyers and also those frequently get attacked by jet lag and insomnia.


  • Interchangeable lens makes it more personalized device as per your convenience
  • Broad surface area enables the light energy to transmit efficiently and get maximum results
  • Brightness is adjustable to 2 levels which is free from UV exposure


  • Better products available at this price
  • Quality of the bulb would have been better
  • Buy it here: Verilux HappyLight VT20 Full-Size

5. Miroco


If you are on the move now and then, wanting to have the best sun lamp in your pocket to use wherever you go, then the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp is an ideal choice. It is an ultra-flexible, thin, slim and compatible light box that can be put in your pocket, bag or even carried to your desk or kitchen for daily use.

There is a smooth dimmer provided for an elegant emission of light that won’t cause much strain to your eyes. You can put your therapy into tasks by setting a fixed time of exposure to the light. There is a timer available where you can set time between 2 seconds to 30 minutes.

There is a memory function which remembers your last brightness setting and reverts to it by single tap. It is also provided with a foldable standing bracket, you can make it stand on your desk or any structure to get your light treatment of the day.


  • 30- minutes timer which comes handy for setting time schedule for your light treatment
  • Slim, sleek and compact light lamp which you can carry to anywhere
  • Smart-memory makes you switch to the last brightness easily without having to tune it every time.


  • The brightness becomes too much for few people
  • Not recommended for people who are suffering from Epilepsy

6. Verilux VT31

Verilux VT31

With the trust of a 60 years old reliable brand Verilux Happy Light, VT31 makes one of the best light therapy lamps in the market. You can get support from a live customer support to guide you about the product you buy from Verilux.

Having a lens dimension of 31 it emits bright light with intensity of 10,000 which is free from UV-free light. With 3-level brightness controls one can personalize the light box as per comfortable brightness controls. The light box is a combination of 74 LEDs which provide you relentless, flicker-free and glare-free experience.

You can also wall-mount with the device and get into a comfortable posture to get best out of your treatment. Improve your mood, energy, sleep and focus with Verilux HappyLight VT31 and stay rejuvenated and energized every day. Frequent flyers, office goers, businessmen and others who get to see the symptoms of lack of sleep and fatigue can get benefited.


  • Presence of 3-Level brightness which can be adjusted automatically based on smart sensor
  • Flicker free, glared-free experience due to 74 LEDs which are evenly distributed
  • Durable for long time usage and Portable to carry it with you anywhere


  • Brightness is on higher side, need to check it twice to get optimal brightness
  • Price is slightly on the higher side

7. Verilux VT32

Verilux VT32

Verilux, a six decades old brand Happy Light VT32 is having one of the best light therapy box reviews among light boxes. While buying this product you would get live customer support and take you through the specifications of the product from Verilux

A 32 lens emits light of 10,000 lux free of UV-free light. One can personalize the bright light with the choice of using two hues in bright light and get maximum comfort. There is also a handy brightness level setting up to 3 levels for better experience.

Unlike other devices, this device won’t flicker much or give any glaring effect, thanks to the 144 LEDs that are evenly distributed. Verilux Happy Light VT32 would change your lifestyle by correcting irregularities in sleep, mood or depression and take you near rejuvenation.

No matter which profession you belong to, if your lifestyle needs some value addition and improvement then go for Verilux HappyLight VT32 Touch.


  • Intuitive and smooth touch controls that come handy for operating device
  • Flicker free and glare free light emission with evenly distributed LEDs
  • Flexible brightness up to 3 levels as per comfort


  • The quality of the product should have been better
  • Brightness control efficiency would have been better

8. TaoTronics


Get home a TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp today and feel sunny days even if it is darker outside. This lightweight and portable light therapy lamp is the best light therapy you can opt for as it perfectly mimics the natural sunlight and boosts your mood.

The 6500K lamp emits a light intensity of 10,000 Lux and helps you fight lethargy, Insomnia, winter blues and keep you on toes with energy. The full spectrum light provides UV-free light emission without any side effects with an adjustable brightness ranging from 20% to 100%.

The 90 degree rotatable stand helps to use the lamp firmly while kept on table or any desk. The 30-minute timer is apt for your light treatment to do it as per schedule for a fixed amount of time. The controls on the device are very smooth and gentle on your fingers, giving pleasure while using it.


  • Smoothly adjustable brightness varying from low level to optimum level
  • Protection pouch is available to protect the light therapy lamp from day to day wear and tear.
  • Portable and lightweight material makes it a handy device


  • Problem with the electric cord while using the pouch
  • Brightness adjustment sometimes critical as it gives more light than needed.

9. Circadian Optics Lampu

Circadian Optics Lampu

The Circadian Optics Lampu Light Therapy Lamp is the best sad lamp with respect to the reputation they got in the market. A single touch can make you operate the device with ease with all the 3 level brightness settings.

The modern, stylish design and efficient LED alignment makes it feel like a fancy item at home, rather than a therapy item. Getting featured as a top selling light therapy lamp on shark tank indicates efficiency of the lamp and technology used.

Light-weight and easy to carry the device anywhere you want by simply placing it in a bag. As the name suggests, this lamp will allow you to maintain your sleep-wake cycle by scheduling the therapy time to time. Improves your focus, concentration and also helps you fight fatigue, winter blues and depression.


  • LEDs with long lifetime upto 2 years, available with 2 years warranty
  • Versatile and easy-to-use device without many complexities in using
  • One-touch operation and 3 level brightness settings


  • Not recommended for those having bipolar disorder
  • Missing clarity in shades and light getting scattered at times

10. Circadian Optics Lattis

Circadian Optics Lattis

To get the best light for sad you can opt for the Circadian Optics Lattis Light Therapy Lamp. Circadian optics brings you a functional piece of art with alignment of asymmetrical segments into a clean silhouette integrated with a light panel.

It will act as a piece of art in your room and also as a device that helps you come out of depression or any kind of seasonal blues. There needs to be a limited amount of effort to operate the touch sensitive panel along with 3 level brightness settings.

The artful design accommodates LED set up in an elegant way. A 2-year-old warranty on the LEDs gives the guarantee for long-term usage. The 5500k display along with 10,000 lux light intensity keeps your mood relaxed by mimicking the natural sunlight. Drive away your worries about irregularities in sleep and mood swings, with Circadian Optics Lattis Light Therapy Lamp.


  • Artful piece of light therapy lamp that attracts everyone’s eyes on it
  • Long-lasting LEDs with 2-year warranties
  • UV -free light emission and easy-to-use brightness controls


  • Need to be careful as the material is fragile
  • Costlier in price, compared to the material of make

11. Carex


Get a glare-free experience with Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp which is the best light therapy lamps for sad. The downward projection of the lamp lets the LEDs block the UV rays. This is one of the versatile natural light lamps that are designed accurately to yield maximum results. The surface area of the lamp is large enough to transmit superior quality of light.

This model is a per the global model of the researchers and it is provided with 2 kinds of light settings for effective therapy. Strong backing of technology makes the bright lamp a world leader as it uses the finest technology.

It boosts your confidence, mood and also helps you fight against jet lags and any kind of seasonal mood disorders. The 12-inch lamp will allow you to sit at a distance and work unlike other brands where you need to sit a bit closer.


  • Clinically tested design and emits balanced bright light
  • 12 inches (30.48 cm) screen gives ample amount of brightness
  • Easy to adjust the brightness and also the height of the frame accordingly.


  • Slightly on a heavier side and gets heated up
  • Less bright than expected

12. Verilux VT43

Verilux VT43

Happy Light VT43 provides a customizable light box experience on your finger tips and it is one of the best sad lamps available. Happylight is created by Verilux, the company which has gained trust of many for 60 years with their brand reputation.

Customize your experience through the easy-to-use brightness controls, which emit bright light through the LEDs from a 53 lens of 10,000 lux of UV-free intensity. A 4 level brightness gives you three different hues which make you adjust as per the room ambience.

There are also countdown timers available for scheduling the time to be spent on therapy. Verilux Happy Light VT43 provides you the safest way to combat against the winter blues, depression and other seasonal disorders. The applicability of Happylight VT43 is highly appreciable, due to flexible and intuitive usage in day-to-day living.


  • 4- level brightness controller that work smoothly to give optimal experience
  • 3 variations of hue to suit all kinds of environments
  • Uniformly aligned LEDs deliver plain and consistent light emission


  • The stand is unstable and often may lead to device to fall off
  • Not a comfortable design to handle

13. Comenzar


Are you looking for the best light therapy lamp that has the most versatile functionalities? Then Comenzar Sun Lamp LED White Warm Lamp is the answer for it. You can adjust the sun lamp settings with a simple touch and also adjust the brightness with ease.

It has a very broad range of light intensity varying from 2,000 to 10,000 Lux and also with flexibility to adjust color temperature from 3,000K to 6,500K. Also, there are many variations to select timings starting from 15 to 60 minutes range with a special power saving mechanism.

This stylish and portable lamp can be adjusted easily with the help of 360 degree rotatable stands. It is easy to take this device to your office, school or any place and use it, thanks for its stylish and sleek design.


  • Wider range of brightness and wider range of color temperature adjustment
  • Broad range of timer settings to save power and also get prolonged therapy at fixed brightness
  • Adjustable color temperature and 360 degree rotatable brackets for adjustment


  • Delicate stand may get broken, need to handle with care
  • Versatile functionalities needs even better control

14. Circadian Optics

Circadian Optics

Are you looking for the best sad lamps that are ultra compact and portable? Then Circadian Optics Luxy Light Therapy Lamp is the right choice. It is easy to use due to its compact nature and also uniquely USB powered, which can be used wherever you go.

The intuitive touch controls make it easy to adjust brightness in 3 levels smoothly. Also, it is the world’s first USB powered Light therapy lamp which is first of its kind among Light therapy lamps. Gone is those days when you had to worry about the lifetime of the LEDs inside the therapy lamps.

The manufacturer is providing 2 years of warranty with the product upon the LED bulb. Get uninterrupted flow of bright light through the 5500k display along with 10,000 lux light intensity. It would be your best companion to anywhere you want as it would help you fight against jet lag and help you feel rejuvenated.


  • USB powered Therapy lamp and easy to carry
  • 2 years of warranty upon LEDs
  • Free from UV light transmission with powerful 5500K color temperature adjustments.


  • Not recommended for people with macular degeneration
  • Missing On/off button and could not turn the one device by own

15. Theralite


Do you feel gloomy quite often? And thinking to get help from someone to get out of this? Then get the best seasonal affective disorder lamp to your home today. Theralite Aura Bright Light Therapy Lamp produces bright and clean LED light of 10,000 LUX intensity.

This light will make your day by clearing off your gloomy thoughts and make you fresh back again. This is just like any other table lamp with adjustable height of the device to keep it at the distance you are desiring for.

The placement of the light above gives the best therapeutic results and it is healthier to use like that. The 168 energy efficient LED lights will help those who are suffering from sunlight deficiency. The design of the product is tested clinically to use for bright light therapy.

You can surely keep your problems at bay by using this Theralite Aura Bright Light Therapy Lamp


  • Clinically proven model of design highly compatible and flexible for all uses.
  • Safe and secure lighting protects you from any side effects of light therapy
  • Versatile design and efficient LEDs


  • The adjustable goes loose at times
  • Light flickering issue at times

16. Tres Wellness

Tres Wellness

Are you looking for that perfect device to set right your irregular sleep timings and wake up timings? Then Sun Lamp Light Therapy Lamp is here for your rescue. Sleeping is important for everyone and any slight disturbance in the pattern will disturb the lifestyle.

Sun lamp therapy lamp is the best light therapy box to solve your jet lag and sleep issues put you back on track. It is a deluxe sun lamp which keeps you boosted up for the day in a safer and more natural way.

Spend a valuable time of 30 minutes to keep yourself rejuvenated and moving further in life without getting stuck with winter blues. It is also easy to travel along with the lamp and get your treatment without any problem.


  • 80,000 Hrs of LED bulb lifespan without any fear of replacements
  • Flexible to use either horizontally or even vertically
  • There are four light modes varying between 2500 Lux, 5000 Lux, 7500 Lux and 10,000 Lux


  • The design would have been better and quality too
  • Problem with powering switching on and off

17. Vipex


Is travelling your passion and keeping moving from one place to another? But are you sunlight deprived when you have to stay at one place for long? Then take home a piece of VIPEX Light Therapy Lamp, as it is the best light therapy box which is highly flexible and portable.

The thin and sleek design makes it easier to carry and use whenever needed without any effort. The foldable bracket stand helps you to stabilize your device on any surface without any problem. There can be set tilted angles of vertical and horizontal set up for convenience. Increasing brightness is an easier task from 10-100% relentlessly with a simple touch of fingers.

A 30-minute timer will give you a fruitful time with 10,000 Lux light intensity to cure your winter blues or jet lags. The emitted light is 100% free from UV or any kind of radiations.


  • Slim and sleek design and also foldable to use on any surface.
  • Automatic brightness memory function makes it smart enough to change brightness that you prioritize
  • Simple and fast touch helps you make settings easily


  • Slight issue with the power button
  • Could have been a better quality

18. Dreamegg


If you are the person who does not want any grandeur or extravagant designs and want to settle for a simple bright sun lamp for light therapy, then Dreamegg Bright Sun Lamp is the best. It is the best sad light to rely on, as it offers 100% UV free light emission with an intensity of 10000 LUX.

This lamp brings a bright feel of sun inside your room and brings back the lost freshness in your life. There are 3 different temperature options along with an auto brightness feature that keeps the screen running with ideal levels from 10%-100%.

There is an auto-off power saving option with a timer that varies between 10-60 minutes. Here one can also set a timer with intervals of 10 minutes each for a short period of therapy. It is also sleek in design and with automatic brightness memory to set the levels smartly.


  • 3 Light colors, with wide range of brightness controls
  • 1 year of replacement guarantee along with 60 days of money back if not satisfied
  • Attractive design and finishing suitable for all purposes


  • Would have been more efficient in therapeutic application of bright light
  • Buy it here: Light Therapy Lamp — Dreamegg Bright Sun Lamp

19. Aura DayLight

Aura DayLight

Do you want a premium therapy light lamp that serves the purpose for you as the best sun lamp? Then better to consider the Aura® Day Light Lamp. An exclusive USA product that will work only in specified voltages.

It generates a powerful and safe 10,000 Lux and helps to elevate your mood, keeps you going for the day without any depression. It has a patented technology for lux adjusting and it is exclusive for Aura light lamps. The Lux can be sorted and adjusted between 3,500 to 10,000 as per your therapeutic needs.

At the same time, the lamp unit can be adjustable between angles of 85 to 70 degrees to get a comfortable position. Industrially tested and certified by ETL and it is 100% safe to use the product as it is 100% UV free. Once can also mount this device to the wall easily and keep it at a distance and be under the light.


  • Built-in timer which can be adjusted from 10 minutes to 60 minutes
  • Adjustable Lux — Lux can be adjusted from 3,500 to 10,000 depending on your therapy
  • Ultra premium build with smooth controls and smooth experience


  • Cost is slightly on the higher side
  • Heat generation is more resulting in some plastic smell

20. Miroco Bright White

Miroco Bright White

Are you fed up with delicate slippery and fragile therapy light lamps? Then you need not bear them anymore. Take home Miroco LED Bright White Therapy Light, which is stable and does not slip from the surfaces you place it upon.

With an adjustable angle of 55 degrees you can use as per the environments, and also the aluminum stand with rubber grip gives a solid grip overall. The sleek and smart design gives it an ultra premium look along with broader surface area for better emission of light. Timer function enables us to update your activities in the time frame of 10 minutes gap up to 60 minutes of total duration.

Memory brightness adds to the value of usage for therapy light and makes it stand as one of the best sad lamps. 10,000 Lux brightness intensity helps you to heal your winter blues, sleep imbalance and other issues.


  • Smart, sleek design with extra surface area for better results
  • Smooth brightness indicator to notice the percentage of brightness
  • Anti-slip body at the bottom — stays stable without tripping off surfaces


  • Can be more in better build quality

Factors To Look While Buying Best Light Therapy Lamps

Also known as phototherapy, before buying the best light therapy lamps there are few things one needs to look into. Important and additional information need to be known before considering buying light therapy for yourself.

1. Conditions To Use

Light Therapy lamps are used by people in special conditions such as SAD, unusual patterns of depression among people, Jet lag, Insomnia, Dementia and those habituated more to nighttime work schedules. It is important to note that light therapy used to treat ‘Psoriasis’ is completely different from the light therapy done by using the best sad lamps.

Because, light therapy used for Psoriasis contains UV light and it is critical in treatment of such complex disease. The same cannot be applied for light therapy lamps as UV light will cause harm to skin and eyes.

Anyhow, there are certain criteria under which you can opt to use the best lights for sad.

  • If you are suffering from a Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD) or any such condition
  • If you are looking to go for low risk treatment with minimal side effects
  • When you are undergoing any kind of psychotherapy under medical counseling along with antidepressants and you want to make your medication more effective
  • When you want to avoid ant-depressants during your pregnancy month or post-pregnancy

2. Risks Involved

Although the light therapy with the best light therapy box may look simple and safe there are few risks involved while using. The risks vary from short, mild long-lasting spending upon your situation. Thus you should check out if there is any risk involved in the lamp you are buying.

3. Decent Size

Small size box might be easy to keep but it is not much effective thus you should by a decent size box only.

4. Clinically Tested

You should only buy the lamps that are clinically tested and have received good reviews.

5. Key Specifications

Light therapy uses the best happy light in combination with light at a consistent rate with intensity, timing and duration.

  • Light Intensity — The recommended intensity of light needed for light therapy is of 10,000 LUX. Lux is the measurement of light intensity from the best light therapy box. Particularly for SAD, the 10,000 LUX light needs to be kept at a distance of 16-24 inches (0.61 meters) from your face.
  • Time to be spent — Generally the light-therapy with 10,000 Lux involves exposure to bright light up to 20-30 minutes. Anyhow, there are few light boxes that have lower intensity such as 2,500 Lux and for such, it needs even longer periods of sessions. It is better to go by the guidelines of your doctor whether to start with a shorter session or with longer sessions.
  • Time of the day: Generally Light therapy is done during early hours in the morning, as it may give good results at that time. Anyhow, your doctor might give you the best time suitable for you to use a light box.

FAQs on Light Therapy Lamps

1. Are There Any Side Effects If I Use Light Therapy For A Long Time?

A: Any therapy or medicine has a limitation for prolonged usage. When it comes to light therapy, prolonged usage yields some side effects such as headache. Nausea, irritation and much more.

To prevent side effects, it is better to take advice from your doctor and follow strict timelines to make your body habituated for the light treatment. Also, it is better to check with the pre-existing health conditions which may become part of side effects after light therapy.

2. What Is The Exact Light Intensity I Might Be Needed For Light Therapy?

A: Using light with the intensity of 10,000 LUX for 30 minutes daily would give the best results as per the recommendation by most physicians. This is often given as a starting dose of light therapy.

Anyhow, one can adjust it to more or less 30 minutes depending upon their response to the treatment. There is also 2,500 LUX treatment to be used for longer durations, but it might be less convenient to people.

3. How Do I Know If I Need Light Therapy?

A: Mostly during winter times when you get confined to home most of the time and also when in depression you might face few conditions and you will need this therapy in these condition:

  • Feeling moody
  • Fatigue or lethargy
  • Weight gain
  • Excessive sleeping
  • Loss of interest and focus
  • Depression

4. Why Are The Things To Be Kept In Mind When Using Best Light Therapy Lamps?

  • Get the best light therapy box that suits your purpose, style and convenience. You can take our doctor’s advice to pick the right therapy lamp as per your problem. Maintaining daily routine is also very important and plays a vital role in showing you the best results. One needs to maintain a regular pattern in the light therapy so that your circadian rhythms get adjusted naturally.
  • If you use the best sad light therapy during winter and tend to give a pause or stop the therapy, your symptoms may return again.
  • If you are using the best sad lamp, for a relief measure and yet the results are not satisfying for you, taking additional treatment may help you to cope up.

5. In How Much Time This Therapy Starts Showing Result?

You will start feeling better in few days but for some it might take few weeks.

6. Will This Therapy Treat My Anxiety?

As per few researches, yes light therapy can cure anxiety.

Best Light Therapy For Depression And Seasonal Affective Disorder

Depression, mood swings and seasonal affective disorders are manifestations of prolonged symptoms over a period of time. Anyhow, these kinds of problems need to be monitored from time to reduce the frequency of symptoms. Light therapy is the best and safe therapy to treat such disorders and get better.

Similar to many other therapies, best light therapy lamps for the sad will give you numerous options as per your requirement. All of them come as per your budget, requirement of treatment and the kind of disorders you are facing.