Best Floor Lamps 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


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Brightech Sky LED Best Floor LampBrightech LED ShelfMiroco

Lighting plays a quintessential role in setting the mood of a room. We usually draw towards a well lit room that reflects a lot of vibrancy and exuberance. Imagine stepping into a room with poor lighting it can immediately give you a negative vibe.

Dim or harsh lighting can transform the ambience of the room into unreceptive. However, you should realize how many lamps we need in each room, niches to accentuate its beauty.

There are various lightings like ceiling, chandelier, wall and under cabinet lightings etc which we use at home. But the lighting that deserves mention is Floor Lamps.

Most often we overlook this hidden gem. It can create a visual impact and illuminate the room. The best floor lamps are dynamic, and it is a total value addition to the room.

If you are caught in the crossroad of choosing the best floor lamp for your abode, keep reading this write up. It will enlighten you about the best floor lamps and feed in the necessary information that will help you.

Top 20 Best Floor Lamps 2020

1. Brightech Sky LED

Brightech Sky LED Best Floor Lamp

If you want to transform your room then look no further than the Torchiere floor lamp is the one for you. The 30 watt LED gives you the illuminance of 150 watts. This makes Brightech the best floor lamp for living room manufacturer.

These torch lamps are designed to not only provide you with optimum lighting but to provide your home the chic décor, be it minimalistic or urban, you have always dreamt of. The slender design is unrestrictive and unobtrusive with an easy pivotal head so that you can brighten up certain areas.

But do not let the sleekness fool you for the lights are made heavy at the base so that the lamp does not topple over. The Torchiere provides about 3k warm white light and being LED you don’t need to replace the bulbs frequently.

This 7 lbs. lamp also will prevent you or your little ones from accidently burning yourself by touching the lamp because the LEDs do not overheat. This cool lamp stays cool throughout and has proven to be one of the best led floor lamps. The power button also operates as regulator for the brightness.


  • 3 brightness settings to regulate the lighting to suit your mood and requirement
  • Can be connected to Alexa or any home automation system
  • Easy to assemble
  • A perfect fit for any kind of house style and décor
  • Heavy base to prevent toppling accidentally
  • Consumes only 30 watts
  • You get daylight equivalent lighting
  • Pivoting head to lighten up certain areas


  • Need to reset the light setting after every time its switched off and on
  • Height can be made taller

2. Brightech LED Shelf

Brightech LED Shelf

Your search for the best floor lamps for bedroom might end with you purchasing the Maxwell series shelf floor lamp from Brightech. For the lover of books, this floor lamp provides not only a comfortable lighting but a space to store your nighttime reads, a mini library if you may.

The three shelves can be used to display antiques or any knick-knack is it in your bedroom or in your living room. This free standing floor lamp is made with an Asian theme in mind. The bulb comes within a cubic shade that offers a more diffused light.

Being about 12 lbs. in weight, you need not worry about accidents damaging your night lamp/book shelf even though the whole lamp is about 63 inches in height and looks sleek.

Coming to the bulb, the LED used is proven to stay cool throughout the usage. While the shade will prevent any accidental contact, the coolness will prevent the lamp to get worn out before its time. Speaking of time, the 9.5 watt white light lamp can last for 20,000 hours. You can rest assured for a long time.


  • 3 years warranty
  • Lamp stays cool, thus saves big on energy
  • Shelves are ideal for being bedside shelves or used in offices
  • Works well with all leading smart home connections like Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Pull chain switch gives it an old world charm
  • Easy to assemble


  • The light provided by the company can be a bit dim for many
  • Some find the pressed wood material not décor friendly

3. Miroco


For people who are looking for the best reading lamp but want a floor lamp too can give the Miroco adjustable lamps a try. Whether you plan to use it as a study lamp, a living room lamp or place it in your child’s bedroom, you can rest assured that the sleek and base heavy lamp will adjust well with any house decoration, it might even add a little pop to your room.

A gooseneck flexible head offers you the flexibility to highlight certain areas, so if you are a night owl, you will love this lamp.

The lamp comes with a 12 watt LED bulb that provides 1815 lumens which is enough to brighten up your space. You also have the flexibility to choose from 5 levels of brightness and 3 variations of the natural light – cool, natural and war. This will also let your selfies turn out great! With an 1 hour timer, you don’t need to stumble from your rest to turn the light off.


  • Lamp can last for 50,000 hours
  • 12 watt LED saves about 75% of electricity without lessening the brightness
  • Adjustable lamp to fit your living room or be converted to a desktop lamp
  • Power button also doubles as an hour timer
  • 5 levels of brightness setting accessible on the lamp
  • 5 ft. cord makes movement easy
  • Light is free from flickers and comfortable on the eye


  • The cord may cause people to get tangled

4. Simple Designs Home

Simple Designs Home

If you want something minimalistic yet powerfully useful, then Simple Designs Home has just the floor lamp with reading lamp for you.

Tagged as the Mother and Daughter floor lamp, this simple yet beautiful lamp has two bulb fixtures, a straight floor lamp fixture that can be adjusted to 3 levels of lighting with a 100 watt bulb, and the gooseneck adjustable reading ‘daughter’ lamp, which uses a 60 watt bulb, provides you with the flexibility to highlight certain areas.

Both these lamps are independent of each other in terms of usage. Standing upright at 71 inches, the lamp has a good height which will make a tall person appreciate its shade and light. This is rightfully tagged as one of the best lights for reading that is found in the market.


  • Separate gooseneck reading lamp allows more flexibility
  • Easy to assemble following the instruction
  • Simple design to fit any household
  • Affordable and reliable floor lamp
  • The 100 watt floor lamp is adjustable in its brightness
  • Creates the perfect ambience


  • Can have some stability issues as bas isn’t too heavy
  • Some may find the plastic body a bit cheap

5. Miroco Dimmable LED

Miroco Dimmable LED

For people who want a lamp that will not cause any strain to their wyes with flickering, then they should consider the adjustable and anti-flicker floor lamp from Miroco. Being brightness adjustable, the floor lamp is considered to be the best reading light for eyes.

And the positive 88% ratings do acertain the claim. The simple and elegant design makes it ideal to be used in offices, living rooms or even in a child’s room. The body can be adjusted to be a floor lamp or a table reading lamp, so say goodbye to causing your partner staying up because you are working and the lights won’t be off for some time.

The 1815 lumens light comes with three color temperature adjustments so you can opt for a full bright daylight or let the cool white create the perfect family dinner ambience. Don’t worry about the light becoming hot to touch for the LED remains cool and thus provides light rather than heat which has over 50,000 hours of life span.

Being just 12 watts, the lamp also saves big on energy and electricity. Another energy efficiency feature of this floor lamp is the 60 minutes timer that lets you rest assured that even if you fall asleep reading the lamp will sleep too after an hour.


  • Sleek design to fit any décor
  • 5 adjustable brightness level to set the perfect mood
  • Gooseneck lamp head for highlighting what you want
  • Adjustable body to be a reading lamp or floor lamp
  • 1 hour timer to let you sleep easy
  • 12 watts lamp saves high on electricity
  • Heavy base to prevent toppling


  • Comes with a 5 ft. cord that can cause obstruction
  • The buttons might not work properly

6. Miroco 4

Miroco 4

How would you feel if you had the luxury to choose between 16 settings to brighten up your room and mood? The 450 lumens LED floor lamp from Miroco offers you just that. You get 4 color temperature settings and 4 level of brightness.

Choose the one with some playing around with the setting to get just the perfect light setting for your need. You want the highlight all the corners of your office since you are working late night? No worries, select the full brightness level along with the warm white temperature and you are set.

The adjustable floor lamp can be used in the office or used as a study lamp placed on the desk. The gooseneck head offers the flexibility to bend the head whichever way you want to highlight your books, keyboard or simply want your child to sleep well without having the light on their face.


  • Sleek design to fit any style and décor
  • Gooseneck head provides more flexibility
  • 10 watt LED does not overheat or burn out
  • Lighting is energy efficient and light on the electricity bill
  • Adjustable height comes with a heavy base to prevent accidents
  • Lights does not dazzle everytime you tuen it on


  • Some find the 5 ft. cord too short
  • Floor lamp has no timer
  • Just 18 months of warranty

7. Sunlippe 70 

Sunlippe 70

Welcome sunlight in your house even during the evenings with the Sunllipe LED Floor Lamp that boasts of a 3000k no stress natural light. With the promise to provide your house with a practical and energy efficient light, the greener products from Sunllipe is a sure hit with everyone.

9 watts of LED beads are used to provide more of a uniform lighting while saving high on energy and electricity. But let the wattage not fool you for the floor lamp packs a good 800 lumens of lighting to brighten up your room.

The rotary switch provides unobstructed yet effective control of the light. If you’d rather operate the light from your couch, then the switch is your savior. The assembly of this floor lamp is easy.

You just need to screw the parts and connect the light to a wall power source. In fact, you will need not more than 10 minutes to get your lamp lighting up your home.


  • 70 inches impressive lamp
  • Elegant and sleek to fit with any décor
  • Weighted base to prevent accidents and toppling
  • 9 watts consumes less electricity and produces no heat
  • Durable lampshade made of plastic to ensure uniform dispersion of light
  • 3000k warm light to effectively complete all your tasks throughout the day


  • No light adjustment
  • Non replaceable lamp makes changing difficult

8. TaoTronics Modern

TaoTronics Modern

Being a flagship brand, TaoTronics knows the importance of balancing quality with affordability. Their standing LED floor lamp is considered to be one of the best reading lamps with the 360 degrees gooseneck that provides super flexibility to the larger lighting area.

You get more amount of light to complete even the most precise work with ease, without straining your eyes. You find sewing relaxing? Let the light make you find more comfort in your favorite pastime. The light needs just 3 minutes to be assembled and you have a fully customizable lamp.

The 10 watts LED provides a good 450 lumens light that comes with 4 color temperature settings and 4 brightness adjustments. Select your work light with simple taps on the head of the light that houses the power button and the temperature button.

The low wattage also ensures that you do not spend extra on your electricity bills. You can also be assured of your bulb not overheating.


  • Ergonomic design to prevent toppling and provides better stability
  • Customizable light settings to choose your ambience
  • Sleek design with heavy base
  • 360 degrees rotating gooseneck to provide best adjustments
    A wider lighting surface area for more stress free illumination
    Long lasting LED bulb
    2 mts. power cord for more coverage


  • Cannot be paired with a smart home automation
  • Settings and power button should be made separate

9. Teckin Dimmable

Teckin Dimmable

If you are looking for an affordable, metal body, stylish and reliable floor lamp, then consider the TECKIN floor lamp. The sleek and slender design is made to fit any décor and setting without becoming obvious. It can also be used in your children’s room that should assure you of its safety and reliability.

The base is wide which provides more stability that prevents accidents. The touch control panel and buttons on top of the LED head allows you to select or set your ideal lighting option with a slight touch, almost intuitive.

The rotating gooseneck allows you the flexibility to just turn the head as per your requirement without bothering to get up and fumble with the whole light.

The 8 watts LED bulb promises 20,000 hours of seamless usage without overheating. The low wattage also ensures you do not have to bother with high electricity bills thus being an energy efficient addition to your life.

With 3 color temperature modes and 4 brightness levels, you get to choose about 12 customizable options. the brightness mimics natural daylight so you do not need to strain your eyes in the evenings.


  • Smart control panel for easy brightness selection
  • Light preference is remembered for next time even after you have turned it off
  • Steady base provides more stability to the light
  • Ergonomic design to make you comfortably adjust and use the lamp
  • Light enough to be moved around
  • Fits any décor


  • Cannot be paired with a smart switch
  • Operating the control panel needs patience

10. Globe Electric

Globe Electric

Being in the business of making stylish and reliable lamps, Globe Electric comes with yet another affordable and reliable floor lamp for their loyal customers. The Nordic downright lamp design makes a cool yet classic addition to your home.

This aesthetically pleasing light is sleek and provides you with the best light without consuming too much space or causing hindrances.

The open bulb design offers you to enjoy flaunting your stylish bulbs. If you have the vintage bulbs, light up your rooms with it! The 70 inch height provides soothing and bright lighting options. The 60 watt bulb is low on energy and high on illuminance.


  • Nordic style is aesthetically pleasing
  • Low energy light bulb
  • Good height for more coverage
  • 5 ft. cord provides easy mobility
  • Stylish base also makes the lamp stable
  • Smart bulbs works great with this lamp


  • Bulb is not included
  • Switch is at the food peddle so many find operating the lamp difficult

11. TaoTronics LED

TaoTronics LED

TaoTronics LED Floor Lamp will make an ideal companion for your bedside, your sofa, table or wherever you sit and brainstorm your ideas. With the advanced interface of technology and customized experience, TaoTronics LED Floor Lamp will not only amplify your work hours but also increase its efficiency.

It comes with a unique feature of changing light temperature, i.e. you can make it cool or warm depending on your surroundings along with five different brightness levels to suit your needs.

It has an ultra-long lifespan (of 50000 hours) yet consumes only 12W of power reducing your carbon footprint. It has a wide and stable base to prevent toppling, a sleek and classy look that can easily transform into a table lamp with its adjustable neck. Its versatile nature makes it compatible in any space, be that home or office.


  • Shines as high as 1815 lumens yet only consumes 12W.
  • Operate effortlessly with 4 buttons.
  • UL Adaptor (include) to avert electrical hazards.
  • Multifunctional: works both as a floor lamp and table lamp with its adjustable gooseneck.
  • Pliable and lightweight (weighs just over 6 pounds).
  • Matte-finish with a 2m cord.
  • Full 1-year warranty.


  • Many find the position of the cord not aesthetic.
  • Necks have the possibility of dropping down with usage.

12. Brightech Montage Modern

Brightech Montage Modern

Who does not want a lamp that can light, save, last and listen, all at the same time? Brightech Montage Modern – Floor Lamp does just that. This smart LED lamp can be perfect for your contemporary home decor as well as the traditional ones.

Its good height (60 inches) enables it to light a large area and has just the right amount of weight to keep it from toppling over. Brightech Montage Modern – Floor Lamp is durable both electrically and materially.

It is ideal for reading for long hours without straining the eye. Being compatible with Alexa, Apple and Google Home Assistant this floor lamp is the ideal addition to your smart home.


  • Lasts 20000 hours.
  • 800 lumens power by using only 9.5W.
  • A 3000K warm light for sensitive eyes.
  • Almost no installation needed.
  • Its sleek design fits anywhere.
  • No change of bulb required for years.
  • 5ft. tall to suit all requirements.
  • Versatile and matches any decor.


  • The neck may seem crooked.
  • The shade may feel of low quality.
  • The ON/OFF switch may not work if handled roughly.

13. Joofo LED

Joofo LED

JOOFO LED Floor Lamp is perfect for your reading sessions especially the ones just before sleep. Technology brings us smart lamps that can set off on a timer and JOOFO LED Floor Lamp is the smartest of all.

It includes a remote control and touch buttons, four different light temperatures (3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K), and lasts as long as 50,000 hours. Its long and adjustable gooseneck suits everyone’s requirements. It shines with a flux of 1000 lumens but only requires 12W of power.

It runs on two AAA batteries which are included with the lamp and weigh less than 6 pounds! The slim, black gives it a classy look and is designed to fit perfectly in your modern home decor.


  • 2-in-1: Works both with remote and touch control.
  • One-hour timer option.
  • Dimmable, anti-glare and flicker-free.
  • Memory function: remembers the last setting.
  • Works with smart plug as well as a wall switch.
  • Adjustable color rendering index.
  • Remote distance as long as 15 meters.
  • Pocket friendly and durable.
  • Versatile and eye-friendly.
  • Easy to assemble (less than 4 minutes).


  • May contain missing screws to install the pole.

14. Dodocool Touch Control

Dodocool Touch Control

A gorgeous floor lamp does not only cater to your working needs but also to your indoor aesthetic. The dodocool Floor Lamp comes with 4 different color signatures (2500K – 5500K), adjustable brightness, gooseneck with a 360° rotation, and a heavy floor.

The self-timer feature enables you to fall asleep while reading without the worry to waste electricity. The dodocool Touch Control Programmable Timer Floor Lamp can produce light worth 2000 lumens by just using 12W of power and requires a high-pressure sodium bulb. It lasts more than 50000 hours and works with a touch-sensitive control — giving an effortless experience of rich light and making it a valuable buy.


  • Two self-timer options: 10 minutes and 40 minutes.
  • Strobe free.
  • Soft light to protect the eye.
  • Memory mode: remembers your settings.
  • Huge color rendering index.
  • Flicker-free.
  • Wide floor to prevent toppling.
  • Enduring, long life and power saving.
  • Neck adjustable in any direction.
  • Sensitive Touch control.
  • Designed for heat dissipation.
  • For a well-rounded experience.


  • May heat up after continual usage.
  • May not appear bright as mentioned.

Buy it here: dodocool Touch Control Programmable Timer Floor Lamp


15. O’Bright


This 70 inches tall forthright lamp from O’Bright will give you space to work your creativity on it as well as on paper. It is made of one hundred percent metal and comes in two colors — black and antique brass. It does not come with a lamp on its own therefore giving you the liberty to adorn it with a lamp of your choice.

It has an E-26 medium base socket that has the capacity to light as high as 100 watts. It comes with an ample cord length of 6 feet, and a heavy metal base to prevent a tumble. Weighing just a little over 10 pounds O’Bright Industrial Floor Lamp works effortlessly with a smart plug. Its industrial frame makes it a valuable buy for official purposes.


  • A length of 70″, taller than most floor lamps.
  • Minimalist design giving liberty to the user.
  • Trusted brand and service.
  • Has foot-switch to enable easy controlling while working.
  • Perfect for a formal surrounding.
  • Simple use without technological hassle.
  • Long power cord to avoid aesthetic hazard.
  • Turns into s vintage piece with the right kind of bulb (recommend: vintage Edison light bulbs)
  • Durable and for everyday use.


  • The screws may lead to an unbalanced base.

16. Brightech Eden LED

Brightech Eden LED

Who does not like a classic and contemporary looking lamp for their living room? The Brightech provides you just that with their Eden series. The tripod floor lamp has the medieval look about it.

The wooden legs prove to be a good contract for a minimalistic house whereas it fits right with an antique wooden room. Being old school in design does not mean that the floor lamp is ancient.

You can pair it up with your smart automation like Alexa and Google Assistant for seamless operations. The shade provides a soft glow that provides the optimum lighting for any condition. A 6 ft. cord makes fitting the lamp easy without having a wall socket within sight. The rotary switch allows you to select between 6 watts, 8 watts, and 16 watts brightness. The 3000k warm white light provides comfortable ambience.


  • LED bulb with a life span of 20,000 hours provided
  • 3 way light adjustment
  • Elegant design to fit any décor
  • Solid wood legs provides a chic look
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Can be paired with Alexa, Apple and Google Assistant


  • Some find the cord to be an eyesore

17. Sunllipe


For a person who loves to spend hours reading, proper lighting is of the utmost importance. The best reading light for eyes will provide you with a natural daylight ambience, will not strain your eyes or dazzle you, and will definitely be high on saving energy.

All these are found in the Sunllipe Torchiere floor lamp. The 3000k natural and dimmable light provides your room with the correct ambience for your work hours or relaxations. You can choose the brightness level with the rotary control without having to leave your comfortable perch. The 24 watts LED comes with a life span of 50,000 hours.


  • 2160 lumens is enough to brighten up your room
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fits any home décor, also works fine in offices
  • Heavy base ensures better stability, no fear of kinds toppling the lamp
  • Metal body provides more aesthetically pleasing decoration
  • Lamp does not overheat


  • Has just 1 year warranty

18. Oneforest Touch Control

Oneforest Touch Control

Don’t want to move away from the comforts of your couch but phone running out of charge? Just plug your device with your floor lamp. Sounds fantastical? Well, Oneforest brought this dream into the real world with their 3 way touch floor lamp.

The floor lamp comes with a shelf with two power outlets which enables you to rest your device and watch your show while charging the phone. The lamp holder has a touch panel that works towards adjusting the brightness of the light.

Want a table lamp? Get rid of the base and the shelf becomes the base for your table lamp. A vintage designed linen lamp shade provides you with a soft lighting that is easy on your eyes.


  • Smart Edison bulb offers 100 watts worth light within 10 watts
  • 2 USB charging port for charging devices
  • Shelf allows you to rest your phone on the lamp
  • Adjustable height to be a table lamp or a floor lamp
  • 4 brightness levels to suit the ambience
  • Bas comes with anti-slip coating


  • Bulb sticks out of the shade

19. Wellwerks


If comfort and elegance ranks high on your list then do give the Torchiere lamp from Wellwerks a try. You will get 20 stepless dimming and customizable options to have the light working at the exact brightness and temperature you want. The 700 lumens you get from the 7 watts LED lamp is ideal for your house, be it your living room, study room, or the children’s bedroom.

The lamp provides a flicker free and the shade optimizes the distribution of the light so that your eyes don’t get strained. The bulb is also energy efficient and provides 50,000 hours of usage. The remote accessibility makes this the best floor lamps to light a room.


  • The remote control offers you comfortable access to the lamp
  • Base is made sturdy and heavy so that lamp does not topple
  • Elegant design that goes well with every décor
  • Pedal switch provides a seamless looking body


  • Remote control does not work with other bulbs

20. Addlon


This is a great choice for the Living Room. It comes with a Lamp Shade and 9W LED Bulb. It is a modern standing lamp has a strong and steady base. So, no more fear of tripping. The modern design lamp with retro bulb can perfectly blend with your furniture. It is the best floor lamp for your living room without a doubt. This product is only available in black.

This floor lamp can work with smart outlets that are Alexa, Apple HomeKit enabled, Google Home Assistant, to turn on/off. Remember you need to purchase the smart outlet separately. However, the LED bulb provides ample light with a maximum power of 60W. It enables you to read, write or indulge in any activity you want.


  • It looks great with any home décor.
  • It has a floor switch.
  • Highly stable base.
  • The LED bulbs do not over burn or overheat after long usage.
  • Compatible to smart outlets.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Always check all the parts, sometimes found missing.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Floor Lamps

Floor lamps play a significant role in changing the face of your interiors. There are a variety of floor lamps available in the market to satiate your needs. But it is sometimes baffling to purchase the bestfloor lamp from an array of options.

Apart from choosing a good quality product, there are various factors that should determine your choice. We have enlisted the factors below for your consideration. This will help you save time and settle for the right one.

1. Type

If you are planning for an interior decoration or revamping your room or have any specific purpose in mind, think about the type of floor lamp that would best serve the purpose. For instance, you need a floor lamp in the bedroom for reading or sewing.

In that case you need to choose the ideal type of table lamp. Always consider the available space and the aesthetics of the room before choosing a type of floor lamp. Be it a Torchiere design or the Nordic design choose one that fits your needs.

2. Direction Of The Light

It is imperative for you to judge the amount of light for your functional area. For instance, if you want to buy a floor lamp to illuminate your reading space, choose a floor lamp that has a downward angle or direction of the light.

You can always look for the modern, versatile floor lamps that are both adjustable and come with a dimming control switch. You can also opt for flexible gooseneck lamps that makes the lamp head move as per your needs.

3. Size Matters

The size of the floor lamp should always match the size of a room. You should not opt for a tall floor lamp for a room having a low ceiling and vice versa. An illustrious floor lamp will not suit a small, jaded sofa.

Think about the size to avoid unwanted situations. In case you want to use the lamp as floor lamp and reading lamp then you should look for one that provides adjustable poles.

4. Style

Try to choose a particular style of floor lamp that blends well with the décor of the room. If you choose a traditional antique lamp for a modern room, there will be an inevitable conflict of interest. So, always understand the style for interior decoration.

4. Intensity Of The Light

If your room is dark, look for floor lamps with bright bulbs or LED lights. Similarly, to choose the best light bulb for reading at night, choose the right lamp with timer functions and multiple dimming levels. The sharpness of light cannot be the same everywhere, think about the room and the ambience before selecting a floor lamp.

5. Color

This is an important factor that you need to pay attention to. Make sure the color of your floor lamp does not clash with the color of the bulb.

While choosing the floor lamps always keep the color of the interior in mind. If you want to have an office floor lamp then it will do you great to opt for one that has a good warm light production.

6. Survey

Before you go to buy a floor lamp, it is better to check all the options, and take note of all the best reading floor lamp reviews. Then weigh the options based on features, appearance, utility, durability and budget. This will help you find just the one you are looking for.

Next time, you are planning to buy a floor lamp. Don’t forget to reckon with these factors..

FAQs on Floor Lamps

1. What Should Be The Height Of My Floor Lamp?

In order to know the height of the floor lamp, first measure the height from the floor to your eye level. You may do this while being seated. For instance, you need to look for a taller lamp if the sitting arrangement is distant from the lamp.

In this case, the brightness of the floor lamp is of prime importance. The extra height of the lamp will help in dispersing the light all over. Similarly, if the couch, desk or the armchair is seated close to the shade, take into account the position of the shade; it should be at or below eye level to avoid the direct glare.

2. What Type Of Floor Lamp Should I Choose?

There are a variety of lamps in the market. It all depends on the purpose of the purchase; if you are looking for the best reading lamp, you may search for an LED table lamp, a desk lamp or a book light clip based lamp.

Choose shaded, torchiere and arch floor lamps for ambient lighting. For a more focused lighting, to highlight a particular area, it is best to choose tree torchiere or swing arms.

3. What Are The Different Shapes For Floor Lamp Shades?

You can find floor lamps shades in different shapes like conical, drum, square, empire, rectangular, tulip and oval shapes.

4. What Is The Best Light For Reading In Bed?

A wall mounted reading light, or a standing floor lamp is just fine for a bedroom. As long as the shade or head of the lamp is at eye level when you are seated in bed, reading won’t be a problem.
Make sure the light is not glaring.

It should be bright enough to allow you to read. Consider choosing a floor lamp with an adjustable head or a flexible arm. This will help you to rotate or curve it into a desired position.

5. How To Choose Desk Lamps?

The desk lamp, as the name suggests, depends upon the size of your desk. If you have a big desk, it is better to choose a gooseneck, or piano styled desk lamp. It allows the light to cover a greater area.

But, if your desk is small you should prefer choosing a clip on sized, organizer desk or a minimal lamp. While zeroing your choice consider the practical aspect and interior of your room.

6. How Many Watts Should A Desk Lamp Be?

It mostly depends on the eyesight or vision of an individual. Normally, 40 to 50 watts is enough. However, a 100 watt power bulb is required for a higher age group.

7. Which Bulb Is Good For Eyes?

Buying the best floor lamp is not enough you also need the correct bulb. If the package does not include a bulb, it is advised to select a bulb that is safe for your eyes. For example, a bright white or cool incandescent bulb emits the most UV radiation and cause the most damage to your eyes.

CFL bulbs produce fewer UV rays and are more energy efficient than bright white incandescent bulbs. LED is the most popular choice amongst them as it produces no UV rays. It is energy efficient, and safe for your eyes.

8. Are LEDs Energy-Efficient?

LEDs are an energy- efficient source that can cut down your electricity bills. In fact, the white LED products usually meet or surpass the efficiency of a fluorescent and high-intensity discharge light sources.

In an LED, 95 % of the energy converted into light, while 5% might get displaced as heat. It is always wise to choose the best LED lamps for your house; it will have a higher output to incandescent lamps and CFLs.

9. Are The Energy Efficient Lights Dimmable?

This is a commonly asked question, but the answer to this question depends on various LED versions. Many of the LED comes with a dimmable option like the smart bulbs. Whereas a limited range of fluorescent bulbs are dimmable.

It is important to note that LEDs rarely function with a conventional dimmer switch, so it is advisable to purchase an LED rated version that can convert any LED into a dimmable bulb. Better to opt for 120V AC magnetic low voltage dimmer switches or a 12V DC version model.

Best Floor Lamps – Your pick?

The significance of the best floor lamps for the interiors is sometimes underrated. What we fail to understand is the crucial role it plays in changing the dynamics, mood and aesthetics of the room. We often confuse the purchase of floor lamps with the other furnishing of the home.

Well, it is high time for us to realize the difference. Take a moment to appreciate your gorgeous room, then decide on the floor lamp that suits the style of your room. It is when you understand your need you can add a dash of charisma to your room. Remember, a stylish floor lamp can leave a strong impact on the mood and accent the décor.