Best Pregnancy Pillows 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. PharMeDoc2. Queen Rose3. AngQi
PharMeDoc Best Pregnancy PillowQueen RoseAngQi

Pregnancy is an exciting journey, as well as a very challenging one for both the parents. But for the woman, along with so many other challenges sleeping too becomes a big issue because she suffers from things like leg cramps to the constant toilet visits, pregnancy pain, and neck and back pain. All this affects the sleep, and it is not considered healthy for both the mother and the baby.

Comfortable bedding and pillow during their pregnancy are of utmost importance during pregnancy. You can find a wide range of pregnancy pillows in the market, and therefore finding the perfect can be overwhelming. A pregnancy pillow is a large pillow designed specifically for pregnant women to provide them the highest level of comfort.

The best pregnancy pillow comes in different shapes and sizes. It also comes for different body shapes, including J and V. These pillows provide enough support to the neck, back, and shoulder that helps to relieve pain.

Therefore in this guide, we have compiled 15 best pregnancy pillows that one can choose from for the most comfortable nights of sleep during pregnancy. Also, here you will find essential tips to select the right pillow during the pregnancy.

Top 15 Best Pregnancy Pillows 2020

1. PharMeDoc Cooling Pillow

PharMeDoc Best Pregnancy Pillow

This multi-specialty comfort support pillow allows women to be extremely comfortable during their maternity period. It helps them relax in whatever posture they are comfortable. It is extremely light weight and flexible thus hey can drive the pillow anywhere and use it in all possible directions.

It provides desired comfort or the warmth that relaxes down the muscles and act as a catalyst to the nervous system which avoids uncertain discrepancies. It also provides a suitable temperature which makes women more comfortable. This provides great support to all the nodes of the limbs and releases body pressure.


  • It is very much medicated and eco-friendly product.
  • It regulates and helps in oxalate pure breathing air
  • It allows sounds sleep
  • It available at affordable price
  • It allows women to carry on their day to day activities without pain and stress.
  • It caters before and after maternity needs of the women.
  • It provides pressure-free environment while sleeping.


  • For tall and double excel women these pillow could be small.
  • They are not affordable to many as it is a premium product

2. Queen Rose

Queen Rose

This pillow act as a great support to the spinal cord of the women because during maternity the back support has to be handled and nourished with extreme care. This handloom serves the need with its all purposes power of eliminating the pain and providing comfort to women while sleeping.

This has a great feature of suppressing different phobias which arises during the maternity period. This also helps the women to carry up themselves during their phases when they are more vulnerable to handle upon. It is a totaly medicated handloom which protects both the mother and the offspring from various diseases and safeguard them from any kind of uncertainty.


  • Super soft and comfortable.
  • Perfect for side sleeping as it is recommended during pregnancy.
  • Provides complete body support.
  • It will also help you in making comfortable position during other activities.


  • It can make you feel too hot when in same position for long time.

3. AngQi 


The AngQi U Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow is designed specifically for providing the utmost comfort. It can replace the 5 other pillows supports the neck, head, spine, back, hips, legs and belly. The filling of soft cotton which provides high level is easy to clean and can be washed in machine.

The pillow helps to relive the back pain and leg swelling. Along with it prevent many issues including hypertension syndrome, and pressure on the liver. This pillow is comfortable for every type of people including side sleeper, back sleeper as well as the stomach sleepers.


  • Easy to clean
  • Highly comforatable
  • It is multi-purpose pillow


  • Not very Fluffy

4. Hiccapop


This product serves the most exhausted parts of the body and provides the utmost support to the women especially to the womb where the precautions are much more acquainted and this the major buying reason for this product.

Every product has its ideology but this has its differential ways of serving each part of the body and it is persisted to be one of the most portable products to be purchased. It can be accustomed to any shape in any direction which provides more feasibility and mobility for the women at this phase and also there has been a great mechanism of being light weightiness.


  • It allows the women to carry themselves to a pressure-free environment.
  • The price of the product is worth the quality.
  • It is a giant U pillow fit for all most all the sizes.


  • Some pillows can get stained if they come in contact of heat.

5. Nova Microdermabrasion

Nova Microdermabrasion

It is perfect for both before and after maternity period as it serves all the phases that a woman goes during pregnancy and even at the phase of nourishing the newly born. It helps in maintaining the precise body posture required and also creates much-needed friction between the skin.

It has a great acupuncture which releases out stress from the body and it has also a great focus on the wellbeing of women. This has great portability and feasibility to carry out and is available at a much affordable price.

The enormity and diversity in the product make it more superficial and relishing by the woman that they can use it before and after their pregnancy as it also supports comfortable breastfeeding to the offspring. It is a particularly cured and eco-accommodating item; it manages and helps in oxalate unadulterated breathing air.

There is a complete enhancement of care as it is the most preferred structure during the process and also one of the best ways to carry down that is its mobility and feasibility is a great success.


  • It helps you fall asleep comfortably.
  • You can use it to sleep, eat, read and even feed your child.


  • Can get uncomfortable after long use.

6. Golden Linens

Golden Linens

This product works on the overall body care and especially for the comfort sleep at this fragile phase is much more compulsory than any other thing. Women in this phase are more often to be considered as taking rebirth and are also considered as a little soul brought into existence and this helps the women to acknowledge their consciousness and liveliness after a wonderful nap.

This is a resourceful product that serves like mostly several products in this segment and also automates the fact that it highly feasible and much more mobile to carry upon to different places when required.


  • It has the best to sustain flexibility and allows sounds sleep
  • Affordable price
  • It allows them to comfort themselves during all activities.


  • Could be smaller for extra-large women.

7. Wannafree


The much-acquainted resourceful product which serves all the day to day activities of women during this phase. This helps in making women seek maximum comfort, this allows them to contribute as usual in their daily life, they are also very comfortable while downsizing the pressure on the spines and it makes them feel at most free from all the chronic and communicable diseases.

It is the most compassionate material that comprehends the enthusiastic parts of ladies whether it’s the ideal solace or the glow that unwinds down the muscles and goes about as an impetus to the sensory system which stays away from questionable errors.


  • Allows comfortable sleep
  • Available at best price


  • Might be costlier for few buyers.

8. Kingso

The multi-claim to fame comfort support pillow for ladies during their maternity period permits them to live on the most agreeable handloom which makes them to unwind in whatever act they are dong. The pillow is handy compact and comfortable and they can drive the cushion anywhere they want.

It helps unwinds the muscles and goes about as an impetus to the sensory system which maintains a strategic distance from dubious disparities. It likewise gives reasonable temperature which makes ladies increasingly comfortable. This pillow also offers an incredible help to all the hubs of the appendages and discharges body pressure.


  • Anyone who has gone through surgery can use this pillow as padding. It is helpful for people who went through knee or hip replacement, spinal or shoulder surgeries and many others.
  • The pillow cover is detachable and you can wash it in the cover.
  • It has zipper to open ad remove the cover.
  • Fabric tends to dry quickly.
  • The cover is made of velvet which is very comforting and soft.
  • It is a C shaped pillow, and thus you can comfortably cradles your full body or you can sleep on either side you like.
  • This pillow supports back, hips, knees, neck, growing belly and head of the pregnant women.
  • It is an extra-large pillow and great for pregnant moms.


  • Some buyers have complained about less stuffing.
  • Some women have also complained for the smaller size.

9. Snoogle Chic

Snoogle Chic

If you have used the other pillows for your previous pregnancy then, while using this one you will understand the actual difference of comfort that this pillow provides. It might be one of the expensive ones out there but the comfort of this pillow is beyond imagination. This pillow like many others doesn’t get too hot and you can use it to sleep as well as for back support.


  • Extremely soft.
  • Fluffy and comfortable.
  • Long lasting material and stuffing.


  • Some users have complaint that after few washes the cover turned scratchy as it was very thin.
  • The cover is blend of cotton and polyester.

10. Wanclik


This pillow is made in U shape and provides a perfect balance and comfort to full body. Once you buy this pillow your bed is free from clutter of multiple pillows. The pillow retains fluffiness and has soft and adjustable filling inside. The pillow cover is made of cotton and is easy to wash. If you are suffering from hip or back pain it will help you recover by improving your posture.


  • Allows deep and comfortable sleep.
  • It helps you make comfortable posture during reading, nursing and watching TV etc.
  • The pillow reduces the pain that is caused in bones and muscles during pregnancy.
  • U can use it on the couch, sofa, bed or floor.
  • It is easy to clean, carry and dry.


  • The size is not sufficient for tall and large women

11. Flyfan


This pillow gives an incredible help and support to the spinal of the ladies during maternity. The back of the pregnant woman must be dealt with extraordinary consideration and thus this pillow serves the need of the women.

This has an incredible element of smothering various fears which emerge during the maternity period due to pain and stress. It is an all-out sedated handloom which secures both the mother and the posterity from different infections and defend them from any sort of vulnerability.


  • The unique design of the pillow takes human body shape when sleeping and supports both sides and back.
  • It is great for sciatica relief, relief of leg swelling as well as back pain due to its U shape.
  • Not only pregnant women, but anyone can sleep better due to this pillow.
  • It is made of 100% Velvet and gives you the ultimate comfort.
  • You will not require multiple pillow if you have this one.
  • It is anti-allergic and protects you from dust allergies.
  • It is sweat-absorbent, and breathable
  • Its cover can be removed and washed and has zipper.
  • It will support to your back, belly, sides, feet and knees.
  • It will reduce the discomfort that arises due to fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, and surgery.


  • Price is slightly on higher side.

12. Mom White Pregnancy Pillow


It is a white full size pillow made using cotton and polyester. The fabrics of the pillow are great in keeping the body cool and they are breathable and sweat absorbent fabric. It includes back and shoulder support system.


  • Soothing white color
  • Machine wash
  • Full size suitable for all.
  • Can be used on bed and floor both.
  • Easy to carry.


  • White color tends to get dirty faster.

13. SmarTopus


With the help of this pillow the women can release all kind of excessive exertion caused from the day to day activities during this phase of maternity. They can completely relax their limbs adjusting the pillow to the desired direction and also rotate according to the reflexes. It provides relaxation to the various parts of the body during the different phases of women who are pregnant.

There is a complete enhancement of care as it is the most preferred structure during the process and also one of the best ways to carry down that is its mobility and feasibility is a great success. The inner content is completely made of cotton so it is the most suitable product in terms of temperature as well. It has a woman touch as it is in pink color which also makes the women much more towards belongingness.


  • A very light weighted product easy to move in any possible direction
  • It’s a complete package as it releases much more pressure from the entire body parts
  • It has cotton zipped cover which is washable.


  • You don’t get color variations in this brand.

14. Riforla


The pillow for pregnant women will provide best possible comfort in a way they can exhilarate and unleash all their undesired stress right from the spine in the back to the limbs that pushes up the womb. Women can feel its mushiness and it also keeps the temperature of the body controlled and cool.

The diversity of the product makes efficient for women both before and after their pregnancy as it also supports comfortable breastfeeding to the offspring. It helps the mother to relax until they regain their health and even after that It is a total medicated handloom which protects both the mother and the offspring from various diseases and safeguard them from any kind of uncomforting feeling.


  • Soft and mushy.
  • Easy to handle and light weight.
  • Washable.
  • Medicated.


  • It has a major problem with the size and it’s difficult for the people with good height to adjust.

15. Victostar


The product proposed by Victostar is made up of 7D PP cotton and soft material with a zip lock system for easy removal. It is a full-body multi-purpose pillow specially designed to offer maximum comfort to the pregnant women. Helps them to sleep comfortably with their baby hump, adjustable and very flexible that it can be folded, plumped or even when just laid casually can provide a cradle-like care to the mother.

100% satisfaction is guaranteed by the seller based on reviews from certified customers. The uneasiness of proper positioning is well-taken care by the stretchable property of the pillow. The pregnant women sleep well than usual with the help of the pillow, as it wraps around the body you can sleep easily.

Eliminates tossing, prevents hypertension and oppression of the liver and relieves leg swelling and back pains. The comfort of the to-be-mother is, therefore, perfectly taken care of by this body pillow.


  • Contoured C-shaped design.
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-purpose
  • Super Comfortable
  • Supports head, neck, belly, back, hips, knees and feet.


  • No warranty
  • No easy returns

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Maternity Pillow

Pregnant women suffer from many issues like back pain, body pain, leg cramps and more and all this makes it difficult for one to get enough and comfortable sleep. With the progress in the pregnancy, the sleeping position turns very limited for women as their belly grows. But it is very important to get enough rest for pregnant women.

Proper sleep helps them to deal with the hard work of carrying and growing baby. But it is very tough to sleep comfortably during the pregnancy. But there is nothing to worry about this anymore, the solution for all the problems is the maternity pillow. The market is full of the wide range of pregnancy pillows and one can choose the best pregnancy pillow out of them.

But if you are overwhelmed with so many brands here are some factors that one should consider when buying a pregnancy pillow:

1. Size And Shape

The first thing that one should consider is the type of pillow they want. There are several types of pregnancy pillow which caters the different kinds of needs. One should select the best maternity pillow only after understanding the comfort level and the needs. Every mother to face many different types of challenges so they should choose the pillow accordingly.

These pregnancy pillows come in many different shapes and designs, some of them provide full-body support whereas some are designed to provide support to the specific body part. One should choose the pillow accordingly. They can choose a pillow that caters to the specific need or they can choose the best body pillow for pregnancy

All these kinds of the pillow cater to the different kinds of needs. One of the finest kind of pillow is the body pillow. One should choose the best pregnancy body pillow for the most comforting experiencing. There are many different types of pregnancy pillow in the market including the maternity cushions, full-body pillow, bean pillow full-length pillow and more.

Here are different types of pillows for pregnancy:

  • Full-Length: If you have trouble in your head bellies and knees then these are extremely comfortable for you these pillows are extra-long, and straight that allows you to cuddle and embrace while you sleep tight. Also known as body pillows, they are sometime are used by people who are not pregnant.
  • C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow: These pillows are in the shape of full C and they are extremely comfortable for women who sleep on sides.
  • U-Shaped pillows: These pillows also work great for side sleeping. They look like a horse shoe and are filled with soft cotton to give you complete comfort. They are very good during last months of pregnancy and they can give your belly complete support that it requires. Whether you sleep on back or on side they will serve you best.
  • Inflatable Pregnancy Pillows: from 6 or 7th month the belly grows larger and the discomfort increases and sleep becomes tougher. But if you have these pillows you don’t have to worry because they are almost inflated, like a separate matters and they come with a whole to support you belly. You can keep them over the bed and sleep over comfortably.
  • Pregnancy Wedges: if you want to target any specific part of the body then you should look for these wedges. They are usually triangular shaped and they give full support to the growing belly of pregnant women.

2. Pillow Material

The material of the pillow is a very essential thing to consider. The comfort depends on the material of the pillow. Along with it during pregnancy women get very sensitive so they can get allergic to the material of the pillow. So they should be very careful when choosing a pregnancy pillow.

The most common materials for the pregnancy pillow are polyester fiber, memory foam, and Styrofoam. Some pillows are filled with beans. One should choose the best rated pregnancy pillow so they get the best quality material for the pillow and this will be very comfortable.

  • Polyester fibre filling: It is a soft filling and provides good support to the body entire body. This filing can trap dust and thus it is not recommended to who have dust allergies.
  • Styrofoam ball filling: It is one of the cheap fillings these are same balls filled in bean bags. These pillows are very light weight and easy to carry but they can create discomfort in long hours sleep.
  • Filling of microbeads: These are sand like balls extremely light weight and smooth. They move around quickly and thus provide proper support while sleeping.
  • Memory foam pillow: They take the form of the body and they provide good support as well in pains.

3. Size

Another factor that one should not avoid when choosing a pillow is the size of the pillow. The size of the pillow should be considered by depending on factors like how big is the bed, what is the purpose. The pregnancy pillows come in many different sizes and are available for many different purposes.

One should choose the pillow that easily fits to the size of the bed and is easy to carry. When it is easy to carry one can take it with them when traveling. They should choose the best body pillow for pregnancy for the highest comfort.

4. Price

Money matters a lot. One should not spend more than the required money on a pregnancy pillow they should find the best pillow at the most reasonable price. One can compare the prices and then decide what they are getting and what the best deal is. One should consider buying the best rated pregnancy pillow.

5. Sleeping Position

During pregnancy sleeping, positions can be very hectic and uncomfortable as well. Sleeping on back in not a great option one can choose to sleep on the left side. But if one is a stomach sleeper it can be very uncomfortable for them as the belly grows.

Sleeping on the stomach can be very harmful for babies also but if one is sleeping a stomach support this can be easy. There are many pillows available in the market but one should choose the best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers.

Top Reasons Why You Should Buy A Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy comes with many challenges. Women face many difficulties in sleeping and being comfortable during their pregnancy. The restlessness and improper sleep can affect the health of the mother-to-be and the baby.

Here is why pregnant women should buy the pregnancy pillows:

  • They provide required support and help to maintain the body postures.
  • They offer comfortable sleep.
  • They are even helpful after delivery when mother is on bed rest or feeding baby.
  • They provide relief in the body pain and aches
  • These pillows promote proper blood circulation which otherwise with growing belly can get effected.

The above-listed reasons are just a few of the reasons for using the best pregnancy pillow.

FAQs on Pregnancy Pillows

1. Why Do I Need To Use A Maternity Pillow During My Pregnancy?

Pregnancy pillows are very comfortable. They are specially designed to cater to the needs of pregnant women. It provides enough comfort and helps them sleep properly during their pregnancy.

2. When Is The Right Time For Any Women To Start Using The Pregnancy Pillow?

There is no decided time for using a pregnancy pillow. The pregnancy discomfort and challenges differ from person to, one should start using the pillow when they need the support. But your belly will start to expand from 20 weeks and you will start feeling uncomfortable you can start using these pillows at this time.

3. How Pregnancy Pillows Are Different Than A Normal Pillow?

A normal pillow may not provide enough support to pregnant women but the maternity pillows are designed especially for pregnant women so they provide better comfort.

4. Can I Wash The Pregnancy Pillow?

Well, it is not recommended to wash the pregnancy pillow as the material and filling can get damaged and this can affect the comfort and softness of the pillow.

5. Does It Help To Relieve Pain?

Yes, pregnancy pillows can provide enough support to the body which can help to relieve the cramps and body pain.

6. Is Pregnancy Pillow Useful After The Pregnancy?

Yes, it can be useful after the delivery also, it can be a great support to the baby.

Pregnancy Pillows Are Essential For Pregnant Women!

Pregnancy is an exciting journey as it welcomes s the addition to the family. Along with it, it is very challenging for pregnant women to deal with the sleepless night and those bad body aches.

But the solution to all such problems is the pregnancy pillow. You need to find and select the best pregnancy pillow to get the most comfortable periods of sleep during this time.

As listed above in the articles one should keep in mind many factors before buying the pregnancy pillow. One should be aware of the size, shape, and all other factors when buying a pregnancy pillow.