Best Weighted Blankets 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Quilty2. YnM3. Luna
Quility Best Weighted BlanketYnMLuna

Weighted blankets are quite popular these days for adults and children for their relaxing and calming effects. These blankets use deep touch pressure and provide immense relief from stress and anxiety.

Such blankets are also ideal for those suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome and also children with autism. Patients with ADHD can also use this blanket for improved sleep. Elderly suffering from insomnia and pain can also benefit from these blankets. This will be a great addition to their bedroom.

These heavy blankets are filled with plastic pellets, glass, polypropylene plastic beads and sometimes steel beds too for even weight distribution. These blankets are non-toxic and hypoallergenic and hence perfectly safe.

This guide will give you suggestions and tips for purchasing the best weighted blankets. The top blanket choices we have mentioned below are based on the verified customer reviews and research. Let’s get started.

Top 10 Best Weighted Blankets 2020

1. Quility

Quility Best Weighted Blanket

This 15 lbs – 60″x80″ is amongst the best weighted blankets for adults. It is the right match for Individuals between 140-190 lbs. The material used is premium glass beads.

This premium blanket is quite innovative and is designed with advanced surveying technology to offer supreme comfort. The highest quality materials make this blanket the ideal quilt. The ultra-breathable 100%cotton layer that is lined with glued polyester padding ensures durability.

Besides, there are two extra polyester layers that enhance quality. Presence of the micro premium glass bead makes the structure unique with the optimal temperature control. So, the product guarantees that you will get the same comfort over the years without the problem of the leaking bead.

The package comes with the pre-attached and ready to use cover. The cover ensures that you will get the super comfy touch and feel keeping you warm even during the winter seasons. The all-natural heavy blanket can provide you with adequate comfort and warmth.

However, the buyer must pay attention to the right size for the individual. Users with twin single or full-size bed must choose the blanket that weighs around 12% of the body weight. Only when you choose the right size, you will enjoy the optimal benefits.


  • The Quality Weighted Blanket emulates tranquility.
  • Made from excellent quality material.
  • Comes with the blanket cover.
  • Outer layer made of 100% cotton.


  • It has poor stitching.

2. YnM


If you are looking for a good quality blanket that guarantees warmth and longevity, then consider buying the weighted blanket by YnM. The original blanket will provide you with all comfort that can be achieved with the unique seven-layer system.

It offers comfort to your body. The high-quality glass bead and less fibre design maintain better temperature control.

There are different sizes available in the lot like the twin size for one person or a queen-size bed. The queen size blanket is available for one person. Similarly, the king size is also available for sharing on a queen or king bed.

Moreover, the blanket is available in different colors , so you can choose the one that matches the interior of your place. So, be ready to choose the blanket that will be around 10% of your body weight.

What makes the product high quality one is the highest industry standard delivered by it. You will see a smaller compartment for the even distribution of the weight. It has three-dimensional structures that provide zero leakage. Besides, it has fine stitching for the prevention of weight shifting from one compartment to the other.

Overall, the blanket becomes the fabulous high quality weighted blanket. The design makes the weighted blanket suitable for people of all age and their needs.


  • Breathable cotton weighed inner layer.
  • Availability of the pure natural and cool bamboo weighed design.
  • Availability of the weighted inner layer from warm kinky material.


  • Some models are vulnerable to leaking bead due to poorly constructed seam.

3. Luna


This 15 lbs – 60×80 blanket goes well with the queen-size bed. The elevated smart design of the Luna combines seven layers into the streamlined design. This blanket is designed to evenly distributeweight to the body. It is super soft with the naturally soft cotton fabric

Besides, the material composition is also the cloud-like fabric that is carefully constructed for breathability as well as temperature control. The best part of this blanket is that it is very easy to maintain; all you have to just give it a gentle cold wash or hand wash for cleaning it.

Choose the right size of this blanket and get the supreme most comfort. It is made for everyone from kids to adults. The use of non-toxic glass bead makes the product environment-friendly.


  • The blanket is Oeko-Tex Certified cooling cotton.
  • It has premium glass beads.
  • It is made with “Heavy Cool Weight” technology.
  • The blanket is made from 100% Cotton.


  • It may have size issue.

4. Gravity

This is the best gravity blanket by Gravity. It is comfortable to remove the hassles of disturbing sleep patterns, stress and anxiety. This product comes in 48 Inches x 72 Inches and weighs around 20 Pounds.

Are you suffering from stress and poor sleeping patterns? Gravity is the solution to all such problems. This premium grade best weighted blanket for adults uses lightweight technology for the improvement of the sleep quality and reduction of stress.

It is available in multiple options. So, it’s recommended to select the right one that will be about 10% of your overall body weight. You should not simply choose the heaviest option that won’t be suitable for your body. You will only get the grounding experience with this problematic blanket.

Only the right blanket helps with even distribution of the weight on the user and specific to the body weight. The machine-washable product is easy to maintain.


  • The cover is made of soft microfleece to keep you comfortable in all seasons.
  • Interior design made from the cotton and fine-grained glass bead.
  • The gridded stitching enables the distribution of weight.


  • Zipper stitching is extremely loose.
  • Some customers find it to be a lumpy and crunchy piece.

5. Baloo


This blanket falls under the category of best weighted blankets for adults. The 15 lbs 60×80 inches model is a premium quality blanket that is made from the standard materials.

The high-quality piece is made from breathable cotton, thus delivering the maximum comfort and safety.

The textile and fabrics are totally free from harmful chemicals to make it safe for human use. You will get the tight and quilted pattern for the even distribution of weight.

So, the user doesn’t have to ever worry about punching or pooling inside. The soft colors promote calmness and comfort for the user.

The pressure of the blanket gives the feeling of a hug, thus increasing the production of serotonin for the attainment of the calming effect, thus inducing better sleep. It is recommended to choose the product that is about 12% of the person’s total body weight.

The product will give you a comfortable night sleep while protecting your hips, knees, and the back. It is fit for a healthy adult.

The superfine microbeads that are used throughout the blanket are evenly spaced to contour the shape of the body. With this product, you will get 100% satisfaction.


  • Fits Queen Size Bed as well.
  • An eco-Friendly product that is chemical-free.
  • Soft cool cotton.
  • Lead-fee glass beads that make it fit for children.
  • Double quilted design for excellent comfort.


  • Glass beads usually start to pool in the pockets making the user feel uncomfortable.

6. Nova Microdermabrasion

Nova Microdermabrasion

If you are looking for a blanket which is comfortable and made hypoallergic materials, then this is the best weighted blanket on Amazon. This amazing piece is comfortable for adults, children, men and women. It has a 100% cotton composition with glass bead.

The blanket is breathable and is expertly crafted to make you fall asleep faster. The improvement that is brought in the new material composition allows the blanket to deliver great sleeping patterns all night by stimulating the hormones for deep and restful sleep.

So, it’s time to bid a goodbye to the restless night and difficulties. The premium material used in the product comprises of the high-density cotton. Besides, the glass beads are odorless, non-toxic and eco friendly. The product allows the even distribution of the body weight. You must choose the blanket that is about 10% of your body weight. It will allow you to feel comfortable in all seasons.


  • Made with 100% cotton material that is super soft and breathable.
  • Glass pellets in the blanket helps to prevent clumping.
  • The smooth texture is attained with the reinforced thread to prevent spilling.
  • Comfortable heat distribution.


  • Glass beads inside move a lot that creates noise.
  • The product does not fit up to a king-size bed usually.

7. HomeSmart Products

HomeSmart Products

The 300 thread count soft blanket that falls under the category of best weighted blanket reviews fits King Size bed as well. The 88×104 product is an excellent piece.

The weighted blanket made from the high-end design,which ultimately creates a comfortable impact on the human body. The product bears a lifetime warranty and is popular in the present market.

The product doesn’t let you suffer from weak stitching and has even weight distribution, thus allowing seamless movement of glass beads. It prevents clumping in the blanket, thereby creating a cozy and comfy feelings.

The industry standard and ultra-soft fabric make this product an excellent one. The product utilizes the force of gravity to settle down the weighted blanket in place, thus offering the soothing sensation. The individual must choose the blanket, which is about 10% of the body weight.

In case you are looking for the blanket for an older child, it is advisable to select the blanket according to the weight of the person.


  • Made from the highest quality & softest material used in the product.
  • It comes with a cover that lengthens the life span of the weighted blanket.
  • Washable in all season and delivers utmost comfort in all seasons.


  • All the beads tend to move to the outer sides.

8. Kawaii_Kids


This 4lbs 36″x48″ blanket is a perfect match for adults and kids. This is a comfortable blanket that is made from 100% cotton blanket. In addition, the premium beads in this blanket make it highly durable. It comes with seamless and even hemlines that enhance the durability of the blanket and ensures even weight distribution.

The updated models have the smallest square that makes it compatible with the weight distribution. You will feel very comfortable in every season with this blanket when you choose a suitable weight. It’s time to get the utmost comfort with a mind-blowing piece.

However, it is not recommended to choose an oversized blanket. Though this blanket sometimes feels heavy at first, with time, it will produce a relaxing impact on the user. Buy and use this weighted blanket each and every day for maximum comfort.


  • The size is 36’’x48’’ that is perfect for twin bed.
  • It is composed of 100% breathable fabric.
  • Precise quilting stitching.
  • Presence of smaller square pockets for maximum comfort.


  • Overuse can cause uneven bead distribution.
  • The blanket sometimes becomes overweight.

9. Cosymax


The filling and quality of materials make the best-rated weighted blanket, and this lead-free glass bead filled 100% cotton blanket is a popular choice.

Now sleep like a baby with the best weighted blanket. The natural blanket will give you the necessary warmth and comfort, just like a gentle hug. When you place this blanket on your body, you will fall in love with the calming effect. The blanket is a successful model in delivering the utmost comfort to both kids and adults.

So, it’s time to feel the impact of the satisfactory material composition that this blanket will deliver. A warm hug encourages better and deeper sleep. The ultimate breathable blanket becomes a comfort zone for the people who regularly suffer from sleeping problems.

The weighted blanket has the superior most design to support better sleeping habits. Besides, the use of the micro glass bead technology enhances the sleeping effect without causing any irritability.

The silky serenity, along with ultra comfort lets you feel like you are resting in heaven. It is recommended to select a piece that is 10% of the individual’s body weight. Individuals between 130 – 170 lbs must choose the blanket that is 15 lbs.


  • Top-quality raw material like the 100% Cotton.
  • The high thread count of 205tc.
  • It is non-toxic and Odourless.
  • Lead-free glass beads make it suitable for kids.
  • 100% premium padding for the even distribution of weight
  • soft to the touch and breathable in all seasons.
  • Nontoxic glass bead ensures even distribution of weight for optimal comfort.


  • With time, it feels like a regular blanket.

10. MP2


This 48 x 72 Inches product is one of the best weighted blankets for adults. The 15lbs product is manufactured with removable Coolmax Cooling technology. People love this blanket for the warm cover. Both hot and cold sleepers love this blanket for the fleece flannel fabric.

It is made from breathable material , thus making its use in the summers absolutely comfortable. The breathable, comfortable and skin-friendly blanket is suitable for people from all age groups.

The product is an excellent one with the school waited for the technology of Nanoceramic blade. The product is a durable one when compared to the plastic made structures. The comfortable feel you will get with this product ensures a healthy night sleep.

The blanket uses fine and dense materials with the availability of a few beads. The seamless blend with the 10 internal clasps lets the even distribution of weight throughout the blanket and makes it an excellent one for usage throughout the year. It is essential to choose the right size and weight of the blanket to avoid sliding down the bed.

The 48″ x 72″ blanket is suitable for queen size bed. 15lbs is suitable for 120 – 160lbs person. The size ensures that it is perfectly balanced for a single user. Easy care of the blanket ensures overall satisfaction.


  • It is Perfect for cold and hot sleepers.
  • Nanotechnology ensures that the product can be used for all – season.
  • It has non-ceramic bead technology contributes to durability and comfort.
  • Materials are of exceptional quality.


  • This blanket sometimes fails as a cooling blanket.
  • Chemical odour bothers the night’s sleep.
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Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Weighted Blanket

It is essential to note a few parameters before buying a weighted blanket. If you are unsure, then you can seek the advice of occupational therapist for the best weighted blanket. This is a comprehensive guide to help you know more about the right weighted blanket according to your preferences, size and weight.

1. The Reason To Buy It

If you are planning to buy a weighted blanket, then you need to assess what is your objective. If you are looking for blankets for kids, then you must choose a blanket which is light in weight and breathable.

Similarly, if you are sensitive, then you must consider the material of the blanket. Choosing a heavy blanket might impact your breathing.

2. Weight Of The Blanket

One of the key factors that you need to take into consideration is the weight of the blanket. In general, it is
recommended to buy a weighted blanket that is about 10% of the body weight of the user.

Though people have different preferences, it’s essential to make minor adjustments based on their needs.

For example, for the small blankets, the gentle suggestion is using 10% of the individual’s body weight and adding one more pound to it.

The small blankets usually measure about 34 inches by 50 inches and is comfortable for the children between 1 and 6 years. It is of vital importance to remember that the weighted blanket must not be used for children under one year of age. Besides, if you are choosing to buy a weighted blanket for a child, it is good to seek help from the health provider.

Similarly, for the medium blankets, it is recommended to be 10% of the individual’s body weight plus 2 pounds to it. The 38 inches by 62 inches best weighted blankets are considered as the medium-sized ones and are quite flexible for the children between age of the 6 and 12.

Large blankets are 10% of the individual’s body weight with an additional 3 pounds. The large weighted blankets are about 38 inches by 72 inches. These blankets are fit for adults and taller teenagers.

The full and queen blankets are sometimes difficult to be determined based on the weight of the individual. In this case, the weight is completely dependent on how the individual is planning to use the blanket.

So the recommendation here is to go through the size chart before making a buying decision.

Sometimes it is crucial to take help from the expert professionals who can guide appropriately before making a buying decision.

3. Size Of The Blanket

The size of the weighted blanket is dependent on additional factors like personal size and the purpose it is going to serve.

Suppose you are ordering for a blanket for a child who is about 6 years old, the recommendation is to opt for the small-sized weighted blanket.

If the choice is being made for the kids between 6 and 12, the recommendation is to go with the medium-sized best weighted blanket.

For taller teenagers as well as adults, the recommendation is to go with the large-sized blanket.However, people have different body structure and size.

So, go through the size chart repeatedly and raise the queries regarding the size or weight before ordering for a particular blanket. The recommendation is going to surely help you in the long run.

Moreover, remember that only the right size of the weighted blanket will fit the body and the bed when compared to the typical comforter or the quilt. The weighted blanket shouldn’t hang. It might create a feeling of discomfort, so if you must choose the right size of the blanket.

4. Durability As A Factor

Some caregivers of elderly peoplebelieve that the quality of the weighted blanket ensures better sleep in elderly people. Insomnia is a common problem in the elders, with the help of the right kind of blanket, this problem can be overcome to a certain extent.

There are numerous benefits of weighted blankets over some conventional pieces. Use of the high-quality premium materials and glass beads ensure that the weighted blanket will have a long-lasting impact.

Moreover, it is essential to look for the online retail site that will provide with the quality products. Only a reliable market place like Amazon will provide you with numerous models with wide-ranging benefits.

Before you make a buying decision, it is essential to see how long the company has been serving its customers. Only the company that is based on experience knowledge and longevity in the business area will provide a top-notch quality product.

Pay attention to the pattern, texture, material composition, fabric, colour the warranty that comes with the product, customer reviews and feedback. All these parameters will ensure that you will get the overall satisfaction in the long run.

In case you face any kind of problem regarding the product, you should consult the customer service. The durable and stylish piece will give you the benefits of deep pressure touch therapy.

FAQs on Weighted Blankets

1. Do I Have To Use Another Blanket With A Weighted Blanket?

It’s not necessary to use an additional blanket in combination. When selecting a weighted blanket, look for the one that heavy enough to exert appropriate pressure you need.

Using an additional blanket will only make the entire structure so heavy that it will restrict your movement, make you feel uncomfortable, or cause overheating in bed.

It’s not necessary to use an additional blanket in combination. When selecting a weighted blanket, look for the one that heavy enough to exert appropriate pressure you need.

Using an additional blanket will only make the entire structure so heavy that it will restrict your movement, make you feel uncomfortable, or cause overheating in bed.

2. Can Weighted Blanket Become Too Heavy And Rough With Time?

Using the best weighted blanket will ensure that you can feel the overall positive impacts. But, if you opt for a conventional piece that’s too heavy, it tends to become less than effective, or counter-productive.

This results in the development of disturbing sleeping patterns and causes the system to become more stressed. Sometimes these blankets will make you end up getting too hot. So, look for the composition before buying.

3. Do Weighted Blankets Affect Blood Circulation?

Besides the benefits of weight management, there are various health advantages. The special fabric increases blood circulation.

4. Who Must Not Use A Weighted Blanket?

Doctors recommend not to use weighted blankets for children under 3 or weighing less than 50 pounds. The reason is that a weighted blanket significantly increases the risk of suffocation.

Best Weighted Blankets – Final Word

The comfort a person gets by sleeping beneath a weighted blanket is due to the reason that it releases the happiness hormones for the improvement of sleep quality and duration.

The weighted blankets are becoming popular for adults and children who usually suffer from health disorders. So, grab your opportunity to buy a model that will give you the attainment of ultimate relaxation.